Spirit week at an Elementary School

Fun! but, a lot of time lost.

This week was spirit week. Student’s were able to participate in wacky hair day, wacky tacky day, spirit day, and PJ Friday. We also had events for them to attend: The spelling bee and the pep rally.  I know this is a great way to get students excited about going to school, but for me I lost 5 classes this week!  And many students missed in other classes to get skits together.  I am glad we can build excitement for students, but I am torn on how  it should be done.  Missing classes only makes students fall behind.  I now have to get the students caught up and hope they learn it quick!


2 responses

  1. All the veteran teachers I’ve ever talked to have told me this:

    “Don’t take yourself too seriously”

    It sounds harsh, but students will learn whatever they learn. If you miss some days, don’t stress out. You can’t eliminate all problems, so teach what you can to who you can and don’t worry about the rest. 🙂

    1. That’s an interesting take. However, if we don’t take ourselves seriously, who will? I agree with “You can’t eliminate all problems”, but we have to improve education. If that means more time to the day, more days of the year, etc… Too many kids are being left behind. I believe that some of that is because we lose a lot of classroom time. Not, only did I miss 5 class periods, but think of the core subject teachers and how much time they missed. We as music teachers are kind of lucky we don’t have tests to teach to…

      Thanks for all the comments!

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