Don’t forget to ‘Wash your hands’

I love free resources! and I know you will love this one 😀 I was surfing the web at work (don’t tell anyone) and I came across this amazing song, that teaches children the importance of washing their hands.  The song is put to the familiar tune of “Single Ladies’  and is called “Soap and water”.  The best part about it is that the children think it is Beyonce! so, they automatically love it.

After I found the song, I immediately made copies for all of the Kindergarten teachers and at the end of the day went into one of their classrooms and sang it with them!  Within ten minutes most of the students knew most of the words! We were practicing singing, dance moves, and most importantly how to wash our hands.  With all of the germs floating around out there, this is a great way to make washing hands a cool thing to do! I hope you enjoy it 😀


2 responses

  1. That is SOOOOO cool!! Since they know “Single Ladies”, it may somewhat reduce the wide gap between “school music” and the music they hear outside of school.

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