A full week…

What a long week!  This has been such an exciting week.  Four of my students were able to participate in all-county chorus, my second graders gave a performance, and I was observed by my mentor.

During all-county chorus it was so nice to talk to others who are like me!  Being at a school where, like most specialist, I am the only one who teaches what I teach, it is sometimes difficult to get the help you need.  Yes, the people at my school are great and will listen and let me bounce ideas off of them, but if you want to know something about orff or making the choir better they aren’t the people to ask.  This is partly why I start this blog, to give other music teachers a chance to make connections and talk about “music” things

I learned that there is a whole lot about singing I do not know! So in order to fix this problem I am going to do peer observations to learn more. I should start them in a few weeks. I will let you know how it goes.  I believe this is the best way to learn, so if there is something you need help with, go watch a peer do it! and share the results.

My second grade students did such a wonderful job performing.  They were very confident during the practice and projecting, then they got on the stage for the performance and I think they got a bit scared. I could still hear them, but their little faces looked very nervous.  Lucky for them they get another chance next Friday.  Now, that they have experienced what it is like on stage in front of an audience, I know they will be fine next Friday 😀

Observations, I don’t have much to say about this one.  It went well, but I don’t know my mentor enough to know what her thoughts will be on it.  I have my post observation conference next week, so I guess I will know then.

I hope everyone has a great week!


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