Music in Our Schools Month!

Bulletin Board Idea!  I am lucky enough to have a bulletin board right out side of my classroom, that I get to decorate. So, in order to make a big deal of Music in Our Schools Month, I am going to adorn it with students playing music 😀

For this up coming month, I am making a bulletin board with picture of my students doing musical things.  It took a week of me taking pictures during my lessons of students singing, playing hand drums, dancing, etc… in order to have enough pictures for a bulletin board.  I am also using pictures from previous performances and all-county chorus. Along with the pictures, I am also putting some of my favorite ‘musical’ quotes. I am really excited to see what the students and other teachers think of it. (It is a way to showcase what we do!)

Another Idea:

During student teaching, my cooperating teacher had students play and sing during lunch time.  I am trying to get this approved at my school (fingers crossed). The students loved it during student teaching, and it gave me a chance to know which students were doing extra activities involving music.  Thus, getting to know your students a little more. We all know the way to reach students is showing some sort of interest in the things they do.

If you have any ideas please post them!  Have a great week 😀


One response

  1. I don’t work in the kind of environment that you do, but I think what you’re doing is wonderful.

    As far as getting kids to do things together, THAT is where it’s at ultimately. In this way, a child gets to actually experience performing (in a way) in a totally non-threatening environment. And — They’re having fun making music, which is also where it’s at.

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