Talent Show!

This week we had our talent show! It turned out great and was the highlight of my week.  We had all kinds of talent, from singing, steppin’, piano, recorder, guitar you name it we had it!  We even had a little Michael Jackson.  The kids at my school are so talented and it was a great way for them to show it off.  We had a big parent turn out.

This was my after school chorus’ debut!  They did a great job with my rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” turned into “Just Read” and “Everyone Needs a Hero” from the Music Express magazines.  We have another performance coming up in April. This is one for an EOG energizer.  If you have any ideas of great songs please let me know 😀

The talent show was dedicated in memory of the little girl who died last weekend. One of her friends sang a song in memory of her and there was a slide show of pictures.  It was a great way to celebrate her life.


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  1. This kind of activity showcases the talents of kids – children with young minds and hearts but can inspire many people in their own little ways. I love seeing my dear students in my own music studio doing their musical pieces and having great performances – making me as well as their music teachers, parents and friends so proud and overwhelmed. Such tribute is a good idea – I am sure that wherever she is right now, she feels so proud and happy too. Keep up the good work and please post more creative activities and inputs on practical studio management tips and resources – giving us more rooms for effectiveness and efficiency. Thanks again and see you around. Cheers!

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