EOG Energizer!

I am sure you never thought a music teacher could be excited about the EOG test.  Well, I guess I am not really excited about the test, but I am excited about the buzz around my after school choir.  My school had an energizer to kick off the 20 day countdown until  the EOG.  As a part of the festivities the after school choir performed a song from the Music K8 magazines called “Test Me“.  Ever since the performance, I have heard kids singing it in the hallways.  It’s a catchy tune and most importantly it has a line that reads, “Let me show you, show you, show you what I know!” It’s a great song to build confidence for the test!  The more they sing it and the more they hear it, they are bound to start believing it.  I don’t know about you, but standardized test make me nervous so, I am excited to have found something that can bring some confidence to the students.


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