Always Keep Something In Your Pocket!

School is starting out well.  I am enjoying teaching at my new school.  I feel like a new teacher again, trying to learn names, processes, making new friends, etc… but I am having a great time doing it!

I have a few more exciting tidbits to put in my pocket and save, so I can pull them out for those not so exciting moments.  It is only week three and I have had 5th graders asking me when they can perform in front of the school, kids taking songs I have taught them and putting new words to them, and for the first time I have an after school choir which consists of first through fifth (I’m not going to lie, that wasn’t my idea).

As for the 5th graders asking to perform, they will be!  A student teacher (ST) at my school has to do a leadership project for her college and therefore chose to do a musical! called Character Matters.  Many 5th graders are participating in this and will be singing, acting, and memorizing lines. ST decided to open it to the school, 1st through 5th grade.  I was a little worried at first, since we had around 100 kids interested, but it is shaping up to be pretty good.  She decided to make all 1st and 2nd grade students be in the choir (which is around 40) and then the rest got to choose what they wanted to do.  This is how the after school choir became what it is.  The kids have been great, well behaved and I am pretty excited to continue to work with them.  I also have a few students (5th grade) who will be singing solos! So far they have been very attentive, cooperative and most importantly dramatic!  I will continue to update you on the progress of the musical.

Lastly,  I had two girls come to me after class and sing a song that they had rewritten.  If you have ever used Musick8 you may know the song FACE.  I had two girls change the words to teach how to walk in the hallway quietly.  Those are the moments I live for, when kids walk up excited that they have accomplished something and have giant smiles on there faces, hoping you are as excited as they are! and honestly, I am!

It’s always good to keep something in your pocket that makes you smile.


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