It’s been a while since I have posted anything!  I am loving this year!  I just started an after school chorus in January! I decided to take a different approach.  My goal is for the students to really love to sing!  And lets face it singing ‘old’, ‘boring’ songs just isn’t what they want to do!  However, I have found a way to find a balance.  For every ‘popular’ song we sing we sing two ‘old’ songs.  (of course, I don’t tell them that part – they just think I’m ‘cool’ haha) They just love the ‘popular’ songs, so we always sing those last during rehearsal.  I always say I hope we get to that song, which in turns makes them work really hard on the new language, or harmonies!  In the end they really have begun to love the ‘old’ songs.  I have even had them ask to skip the ‘cool’ song, so we could sing the more traditional choir songs.

I am also continuing to enjoy teaching 5th grade band.  It is a bit discouraging to only see the students once a week, but the kids have been great and have been working hard.  We had our first concert during Music in our Schools Month and they really enjoyed performing.

I look forward to continuing my program next school year adding musicals and more activities for the younger students!  If you have any great ideas for the younger (k-2) kids please post them!


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  1. Love my after-hours choir, two. Yes, they will surprise you and will enjoy good choral music more than the pop tunes. They particularly like the ones in minor modes. Having band once a week makes as much sense as having math once a week. Sorry to hear about that situation. I don’t do programs especially with K-2.I have “informances” during the day that show parents what we do in class. They get to hear & watch them sing, move and play unpitched percussion.

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