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EOG Energizer!

I am sure you never thought a music teacher could be excited about the EOG test.  Well, I guess I am not really excited about the test, but I am excited about the buzz around my after school choir.  My school had an energizer to kick off the 20 day countdown until  the EOG.  As a part of the festivities the after school choir performed a song from the Music K8 magazines called “Test Me“.  Ever since the performance, I have heard kids singing it in the hallways.  It’s a catchy tune and most importantly it has a line that reads, “Let me show you, show you, show you what I know!” It’s a great song to build confidence for the test!  The more they sing it and the more they hear it, they are bound to start believing it.  I don’t know about you, but standardized test make me nervous so, I am excited to have found something that can bring some confidence to the students.


Questions:For all, not just Elementary teachers.

1. How do you remember all of the students names?  I have been teaching for five months and I am still having a hard time with this. Of course, learning the names of the “problem” children are easy, followed by learning the kids who always know the answers! but what about the kids who seem to fall in the gap.  Any pointers?

2. Does anyone have any suggestions on spring musicals for pre-k to 2nd?  Maybe something that won’t take forever to learn?

3. Dealing with parents, I have had to do this a few times with great success( for problems), but how do you get parents involved?  What kind of activities do you have them do for your music program?

4. If you have any other tips or questions just list them! I am sure others would like to read them and may have some answers as well 😀