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Orff arrangements

Lately, I have dabbled in writing Orff arrangements for my classroom.  My latest and favorite is “Fairy Hunt”.  I must admit the poem is not mine.  I found it in a book called Fun with ABC and 123 by Hal Dareff, written in 1965.  I found this little gem of a poetry book at an antique store in Boone, NC.

When doing this song with kids I suggest the following form:

A) Play song as written – with singing

B) Play song as students think the words

A)Play song as written – with singing- adding “Gotcha” as the ending.

Suggested dance:

Circle formation.  Students walk in for 8 beats and out for 8 beats pretending to look for a fairy (remember fairies are very small).  When students sing the world friend they should pair up with someone and wonder around the room searching for a fairy.  By the end of the song they should be somewhere in the circle ready for to do the dance again.  At the end they do not have to return to the circle, but should say “Gotcha” and freeze.

This dance looks nice when using scarves (fairy nets).

Please feel free to use this song with your class!  Make any changes you need to, I hope you and your kiddos enjoy Fairy Hunt.

Fairy Hunt (F)

fairy hunt